Your (S)WAY

Do you want to do it your way?
I know that so many people have so many wishes. So I want too explain on this page there are more options than the regular : “I plan – you join”.
There definitely is room for “my plan + your way = our plan”.

Stop smoking
If you want to stop smoking and start that in a place where there is no smoking opportunity. Come and sail 3 or 4 weeks with me, I’m anti smoke and we’ll work on that together. There is a strict no-smoking policy on board, and with options to anchor out in remote places, temptation will be far away.

Family/Friends weeks
Contact me if you want the boat to yourself for a small group. There are 2 double cabins available and one sleeping pace in the cabin. Depending on the composition of the group, i can share my cabin with one of the guests too.

Special interest/Theme weeks
I am open to all kinds of life styles, so for example a naturist group is welcome too, but a christian bible study group as well. This is of course only possible if the whole period is dedicated to that.

Ar e you a professional who wants to take en client with you for coaching, personal growth etc? Contact me about the possibilities.

Couples therapy
Do you need to get away from it all, but closer to eachother?
Join me on my journey and either work out your own plan, or let me coach/support you. Contact me for more details.