The Goal

Travel forever?
This was my first goal in 2019, but covid changed a lot. After I left anyway in 2020 I experienced after 6 months that I was alone too much. I like people around me.

So I returned to Holland in 2021 to evaluate my past year, and see how i can adjust my plans.
For now it will be seasonal sailing with Vlaardingen in The Netherlands as a home port.
Besides that I will travel in other ways to different places in the world. Possible as crew on other boats too.

So, I will travel for many years, but not only with my boat, not only sailing.

Share my experience
I love to share my experience/travels in two ways: fist by welcoming you on board, and second by blogging/vlogging on this site and on my YouTube channel.

Nature an culture
Both will be highlighted in my blogs. I have already seen the African coast littered/covered with plastic and other rubbish and will tell and show you what I meet on the way. To get more grip on the environment we also need to understand the cultures in other countries, especially in third world countries. Survival is dominant there, little time to bother with conservation of nature How can we break through all that? Many people are working on that question, maybe i can contribute a bit to it as well.