Welcome to my planning page. Below you see the trips in which i have divided my journey, when contacting me, please use the trip number(s) in which you are interested to join.
Each tripnumber also shows * / ** / *** / ****  to indicate the level of experience needed.(see FAQ)

trip 1 *

From A to B description

Sailing With You

This is the very first leg of the journey. Vlaardingen-IJmuiden-Den Helder-Vlieland.

Day 1: arrival and welcome on board, shopping for groceries
Day 2: early departure Vlaardingen to IJmuiden, getting used to the boat, arrival in the evening
Day 3: early departure, sea trials, getting our sea-legs, arrival in Den Helder in the afternoon
Day 4: exploring Den Helder, shopping, and discuss further plans, depending on currents etc
Day 5: sail to/arrive at Vlieland
Day 6: explore Vlieland
Day 7: departure day/change of crew