Contact & FAQ

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Below here are the contact data how to reach me. I will update these whenever needed. For example when abroad and reachable on local number. FAQ contains most essential information you need to know regarding what to expect, costs etc.

The journey will start as soon as possible after the covid restrictions are lifted in Europe. Till then i am easily reachable and will reply to any message usally within 48 hrs. Once travelling that will be less frequent, as i have no internet on board, except when near or on land and connected through the means I have. (cellphone, laptop, tablet).


Email: /

Cell: +31 6 3031 3048 (sms or WhatsApp)

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Bed linnen: there are pillows on board, please take your own pillowcase and sleeping bag (or mattress cover + sheet) (n.b.: i am still considering to take duvets for all, but from the point of hygiene that may be not such a good idea)
    • VAT nr etc: I have no company registration, I sail as a private person, inviting people to join me. The daily rate i ask is to cover variable costs of the trip, and maintenance of the boat.
    • Insurance: make sure you take proper insurance for sailing at sea/offshore, as well as normal travel insurance (liability, health, luggage, risk etc.)
    • Costs: when you sail with me, I ask € 80 per day per person to cover the costs of port fees, shopping (food and drinks), fuel and other expenses related to the staying on board and travelling from one place to another. So basically it is All inclusive.
    • What to expect: It will be about € 80 /day per (adult) person to cover the above mentioned costs. If you have special requests which cause higher expenses, an extra charge may be asked.

      For families , business and other groups who want to reserve a period on board for themselves, please make use of the contact form above. There you can fill in your wishes and a personal price-quote can be given.

      Private cabin: if you do not wish to share a cabin with another passenger, please put this in the remarks space on the contact form. You will then receive info about possible additional charges.

      Besides these on-board costs, you need to make your own travel arrangement to/from the ports where you get on/off board, and take care of proper insurance.
    • Payment and Refunds:
      An advance downpayment of €30 /day may be asked, you will then receive payment instructions via email once i can confirm the availability. Once paid, your reservation is certain.

      The remainder will be arranged on board, preferably in cash in the board-wallet. From that wallet all variable expenses will be paid. At the end of your trip a calculation will be made. The remainder from the wallet will be divided.

      Cancellation & downpayments:
      * more than 30 days in advance will result in a 95% refund,
      * 30-15 days ; 50% refund
      * 14-7 days ; 25%
      * less than 7 days ; no refund
    • Book flexible travel tickets: There is a sailing schedule, and I’ll do my best to stick to that. But due to all kind of circumstances this may have to be adjusted. So it is best to book tickets either at a late moment, or with a change-option in case you need to get on/off the boat at a different location.
    • Level of difficulty: To know if this is a suitable trip for you, there are *’s given to the trips.
      * = suitable to anyone, no sailing experience needed
      ** = a little knowledge/experience with sailing in general
      *** = some experience with sea sailing
      **** = good knowledge about sea sailing, navigation etc