About me

I’m Marco van Bekkum, born and raised in The Netherlands, Europe. Don’t know where that is? Just Google it and be amazed of this great small country.

I was born in july 1962 in Vlaardingen (near Rotterdam) but when still very young moved to the north, Friesland. This is the Dutch “Lake District” so no wonder sailing came to me when I was young. I have always enjoyed sailing very much in my life.

First starting on the lakes, but later in life discovering the sea/ocean, I now see myself at a crossroads in life where I get the chance to sail almost fulltime.

My background has always been recreational sailing. Competition never appealed to me very much. I just want to be one with my boat, wind and water. And besides sailing, explore shores or more inland areas, cultures, meet many different people.

I took extra courses to get some necessary certificates and more experience in and knowledge about being a good captain.

From october 2020 till october 2021 I was sailing from Holland, around Spain to Marseille and back. 6000 nautical miles, almost all solo. Covid prevented many friends and family to join me. But the few weeks that I had passengers, I enjoyed a lot. Exploring the coasts, ports, bays, hiking and meeting new people. It was a great experience.

I’m a good host and cook and a flexible captain. Open to suggestions concerning daysailings in the region where I am. As I will be going at an easy pace, there will be plenty of time usually to explore more coves, bays, towns etc.

My boat Sway, a Bavaria 40/3, is well equipped for off-grid sailing. Solarpanels top up the batteries easily. 300 litres of water in clean holding tanks allow for a few weeks of staying out of port. A Dinghy and strong outboard will be used to go on shore when on anchor or on an anchor buoy.

Want to know more? Write me.